About Us

Through our exclusive partnerships with our custodian banks, we are delighted to make the following services available to our select clientele:

Deposit and current account services in all major currencies, international payments, standing orders and international debit / credit card facilities. Internet banking facilities to monitor your accounts and portfolio. Accounts may be domiciled in a number of jurisdictions.

Asset backed credit for advances, inter-bank guarantees and revolving credit lines; mortgages for the purchase of properties in specific markets; financing for luxury items including private aircraft and yachts.

Investment Management:
Custody and settlement services for investment portfolios across diverse range of structures, including but not limited to structured notes, commercial paper, bonds, equities, mutual funds, specialist investment funds and commodities.

Bespoke investments:
Where appropriate, we may advise you on the use of bespoke structured products; these might be linked to equities, commodities, currencies and an array of other variables. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Financial planning:
Solutions for estate planning and asset preservation / protection; including establishment of special purpose vehicles and access to specialist advice in such matters.

Other banking services:
We provide you with access to a wide variety of services from our custodian banks. Where appropriate we can make introductions to assist you in areas including corporate finance and investment banking.

Fiduciary services:
We will be happy to introduce you to expert providers who can assist you in the creation and administration of various structures, which might include:

  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Foundations

Additional services:
Our relationship with an international concierge service provider enables us to assist our privileged clients with personal matters including hotel reservations, flight bookings, and schooling arrangements.

Our Third Party custodian banks:
Reputable custodian banks have been selected as partners for Emerald Management. They have been selected based on their size, reputation, experience of working with IAMs and their service delivery.

These custodian relationships have been established for the purposes of diversification, and to ensure that the platform provider arrangements remain competitive for you the client. They also provide our clients with an enviable choice of products and services, in a manner truly befitting of an independent approach to banking and asset management.

We will be happy to provide you with accounts from more than one of our custodians where necessary.